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Steps to wear

Check in advance whether you are allergic to the material latex and/or silicone. If necessary, have yourself tested by your doctor. A small group of people is allergic to this. The complaints often arise within ten minutes to a few hours after direct contact of the skin with the material (think of the following complaints: itching, burning, redness and swelling of the skin). Contact your doctor if you get these symptoms. We are not responsible for any complaints regarding allergic reactions to our articles.

Not allergic? Then read on to learn the steps to wear our products.

  • Use pjur Cult (available in our webshop), for putting on tight-fitting rubber and latex clothing.
  • Roll up the product slightly and pull gently.
  • To prevent tearing, be careful when putting on and taking off. Although the material is of high quality, it should be handled with care.

Steps to wear women’s body parts suit

Steps to wear fake boobs
Steps to wear fake breasts
Steps to wear women silicone body parts
Steps to wear women silicone body suit
Steps to wear women silicone body part suit
Women silicone body part suit
Women silicone body part suit fit
Please note:
  • Do not wear clothing, jewelry and/or other objects with sharp points. Do not wear clothing and/or jewelry that may transfer color.
  • Keep the product out of the sun and away from warm/hot temperatures.